Our Team
Sets Us Apart

We believe that technology is the key to better healthcare
We are one of the most experienced investment teams focused on the medtech sector. Together, we have produced a track record of attractive financial returns as we leverage our scientific backgrounds, industry experience and financial acumen to select or create promising investment opportunities, and to actively guide management at every step of the development pathway. We focus on value generation throughout the investment process.

What We
Invest In

Our investments span the medtech universe

Our focus is to capture investment opportunities that contain radical innovation. We play an active role in our companies, helping them to de-risk their development and clinical initiatives to a level that becomes:

  • Acceptable to regulatory agencies
  • Decidedly beneficial to patients, physicians and providers
  • Part of the solution to combat rising healthcare costs and
  • Are exceedingly attractive to potential acquirers

People Like
With Us

We play an active role in our companies'
growth as they navigate the vast,
complex landscape of healthcare

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“The BioVentures team is incredible.  Thoughtful, knowledgeable, resourceful, calm under pressure, and above all, persistent.  A true partner to entrepreneurs and steadfast members of the team committed to doing the hard work worth doing to advance transformative health care solutions.”

Harry Rowland,
CEO & Co-founder

Endotronix, Inc.

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