Working With Us

We welcome potential investments in Medtech, including therapeutic devices, diagnostics and related technologies. We seek ventures with the potential to address significant markets that enable paradigm shifts in diagnosis and treatment, and reduce the costs of healthcare delivery.

Key points to consider when submitting a proposal:

  • Most of our investment opportunities are typically presented to us in slide-deck or summary format as well as formal detailed business plans.
  • Although we occasionally back raw technology with great promise and superior pedigree, our preferred stage of investment is in the time period after the formation of the company, the hiring of management, and early proof-of-concept experiments, through commercial launch where our capital can be used to de-risk the enterprise and significantly increase company valuation.
  • We expect to invest $5-8 million over the life of each new investment.
  • We always actively partner and work with senior management and the Board of Directors in building and creating value in each company, and as a result maintain a seat on the Board.

In evaluating a potential investment, we consider a number of factors in addition to the key investment criteria. These include:

Breakthrough technology and entrepreneurial advantage.

For a healthcare entrepreneurial venture to succeed, its technology must provide decisive advantages over those currently in use and be of substantial value to medical practitioners, patients and the healthcare system. It must also have a clear "entrepreneurial advantage," a reason why a smaller, relatively under-funded company will have an indisputable competitive advantage over larger, traditional industry leaders.

Clearly identified product, development pathway and commercial potential.

We require that a clear development pathway be proposed by management to support confidence that the company can achieve that key milestones within realistic timeframes with appropriately allocated funds.

Strong intellectual property portfolio.

We seek to establish market dominance through patents, trade secrets, copyrights and other barriers to entry

Strong management and scientific leadership.

We are committed to strong internal technical and business management in all portfolio companies.

Monetization strategy.

We carefully consider the potential for a monetization or liquidity event through an acquisition instead of a public offering to achieve success.

How to Submit Materials

We try to review all materials within three to four weeks of submission, after which we will provide an indication of our level of interest and potentially request additional data. During our review process, materials are read by the investment team and discussed at weekly meetings.

We do not sign confidentiality agreements until after we have determined interest in a potential investment.

Please be aware that we review hundreds of potential investments each year, so that many submissions, even though investment grade, are passed on because they do not meet the specific needs of our portfolio.

Initial submissions should include material addressing the key criteria noted above. Materials may be submitted directly to any BioVentures investment professional, or to We prefer electronic submissions in all cases.